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2017 Tour de FreshFAQs

Fundraising/School Selection/CrowdRise

Q: Why is our minimum fundraising goal $3,500?
A: Each Tour de Fresh rider has a minimum fundraising goal of $3,500 because that is the cost of one salad bar. In order for everyone to provide their selected school district with a salad bar, we strongly encourage riders to meet or exceed this goal.

What happens if I don’t reach the minimum fundraising goal of $3,500?
A: Tour de Fresh riders raise funds collectively. If some riders exceed their fundraising goal, the excess funds will be distributed to help those riders that don’t achieve theirs.

Q: Do you have any resources that we can use to supplement our fundraising efforts?
A: Email Mackenzie at for a generic letter that you may use to supplement your fundraising efforts. Simply customize it by filling in the blanks and send it to friends/family. We have also been highlighting riders on our Tour de Fresh social platforms. Follow us on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram and feel free to re-post our content for more exposure. Additionally, we have been distributing local press releases to your selected school districts’ communities to help increase local fundraising support.

Q: Why did you request our top three school district selections? Are we raising money for all three?
A: Each rider has a minimum goal of donating one salad bar to a school district of their choice. We requested for you to provide your top three school district selections because we are setting up multiple riders all at once and there is a specific number of salad bars needed in each school district. If your first school district selection has already been taken, we then select your second option and so on.

Q: Are we able to choose a school district that is not on the school list you provided?
A: Each school district on the official school list has gone through the process of applying to receive a salad bar and has been approved for funding. You cannot choose a school district that is not on the school list, but we encourage you to help them get on the list for future Tour de Fresh events. For more information this link outlines the application process and next steps.

Q: Why do we have a CrowdRise profile?
A: CrowdRise is the fundraising site that the “Donate Now” button on your Tour de Fresh rider profile links to. This site tracks our fundraising progress and donation information. We created a CrowdRise profile for every rider, which you can customize however you’d like to. Click here to access our 2017 Tour de Fresh CrowdRise page and email Mackenzie Wortham at if you need help logging in.

Q: Should I direct people to my CrowdRise page or the Tour de Fresh Riders page? 
A: Either one works! If you don’t want to mess with CrowdRise, you don’t have to. You are still able to receive donations without even logging in to your CrowdRise account.

Q: What if I receive a cash or check donation directly?
A: You can forward direct donations to Cindy Jewell, California Giant Foundation, PO Box 1359, Watsonville, CA  95076 – once those donations are received, your CrowdRise account and Tour de Fresh rider profile ( will be updated to reflect that direct donation.

Meals & Snacks

Q: Do we need to bring our own food for the ride?
A:  All meals and nutrition stop snacks and beverages will be provided by our generous sponsors. Our official Tour registered dietician specializes in cycling nutrition and ensures that all of the meals, snacks and beverages provided during the ride will keep your body fueled and ready to ride! We strive for the Tour de Fresh to be much more than a bike ride and our sponsored meal events are highlights that greatly contribute to team networking and camaraderie.


Q: When should we wear the Tour de Fresh jersey?
A: Below you’ll find recommended attire for each day of the Tour:

Day 1: Please wear the official 2017 Tour de Fresh jersey for a photo op at the starting line and then change into either your own branded jersey or the 2014/2015 Tour de Fresh jersey

Day 2: Please wear either your own branded jersey or the 2016 Tour de Fresh jersey

Day 3: Please wear the official 2017 Tour de Fresh jersey


Q: How do I get my bike to and from Pismo Beach/Monterey?
A: You have several options to get your bike to the ride start and home from the finish line. If you are local to the Salinas/Monterey/Santa Cruz area, you may deliver your bike to the California Giant Berry Farms office (address below) by July 20, 2017. Please note that your bike MUST be boxed or in a hard case. Your bike will be transferred to Pismo Beach via one of the Tour’s U-Haul vans.

California Giant Berry Farms
Attn: Cindy Jewell
75 Sakata Lane
Watsonville, CA 95076

If you are traveling from out of town/state, you may either travel with your bike (again, either boxed or in a hard case and checked as luggage) or ship your bike directly to our official bike shop partner in Napa, where they will receive and assemble it, and retain the box or hard case. Boxes/Cases will be transferred via Tour U-Haul to the finish line ceremony in Monterey.

Official Bike Shop Partner Info – TBD (we will provide this information as soon as this is finalized.)

PLEASE NOTE: We experienced a “lost bike” that was checked as luggage on a Year 1 rider’s flight. Please keep in mind that potential risk exists.

Hotel Accommodations

Q: Where are we staying throughout the event? 
A: Below you’ll find the list of hotel accommodations:

Monday, July 24, 2017
Hilton Garden Inn
601 James Way
Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Pelican Inn and Suites
6316 Moonstone Beach Dr.
Cambria, CA 93428

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Hilton Garden Inn
1000 Aguajito Road
Monterey, CA 93940

Q: Do we each have our own room?
A: There will be two riders assigned to each room. If you have a roommate preference or would like your own room, please email Mackenzie Wortham at by June 1, 2017. We will accommodate single room requests on a first come, first serve basis. Riders who request single rooms will be responsible for the cost difference.

Ride Route

  • Click here to view the 2017 Tour de Fresh ride route.

Additional Information

Support Staff Cell Phone Numbers:

  • Brock Nemecek – 214-980-3955
  • Mackenzie Wortham – 214-794-6177
  • Cindy Jewell – 831-566-2202
  • Steve Jewell – 831-345-1015
  • Kristin Dinsmore – 209-261-7023
  • Anthony Gallino – 831-750-9375
  • Katie Armijo Barberi – 303-913-4573

Closing Party details:

Unlike previous years, we are not having the Closing Party at the Finish Line. We are giving riders enough time after the Finish Line Ceremony to shower/get ready and will have the Party at a separate location with. More details coming soon!

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