kids and a teacher at a salad bar

2018 School District Selection

To make a larger impact among school districts in need, the 5th Annual Tour de Fresh will benefit four districts in key regions across the country. The chosen districts have each requested 10 or more salad bars and each serves communities with low-income families. By donating to the 2018 Tour de Fresh, you will be helping each of these districts reach their goals.

Get to know the foodservice champions that will benefit from the 2018 ride:

Vista Unified School District (CA)

Vista Unified School District, located in Vista, California, serves sections of northern San Diego County. Vista is committed to farm to school and their goal is to expand salad bars to all schools in their district. Learn more about Vista Unified School District by clicking their logo.

Pueblo City Schools (CO)

Pueblo City Schools is a former recipient of salad bars from the 2016 and 2017 Tour de Fresh, and currently has 13 schools participating in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP). Their foodservice director is very influential in the school nutrition community, and is grateful for your support to provide a salad bar to their 10 remaining schools! Learn more about Pueblo City Schools by clicking their logo below.

Laredo Independent School District (TX)

Laredo Independent School District serves the south central portion of Laredo, TX. The foodservice director is last year’s United Fresh Produce Excellence in Foodservice Awards Program winner and we’re excited to continue supporting this district. Learn more about Laredo Independent School District by clicking their logo below.

Fairfax County Public Schools (VA)

The director in Fairfax is known as “the guy” who started salad bars in schools in an effort to help younger generations develop health eating habits for life. He’s originally from California, but two years ago he became the foodservice director for the Fairfax Public Schools in Virginia which is the 10th largest district in the country. Learn more about Fairfax by clicking their logo below.


Distance: 275 bike miles | Terrain: Asphalt